Palas Hotel

Number of beds  52
Location/Close to  

Location   Kazanlak
Address  9, P. Stainov Str.
Phone  +359 431 623 11
Fax  +359 431 621 61

shower and WC telephone
satellite TV air-conditioner
bath-tub TV set
refrigerator room service
minibar cable TV
Conference hall

dry cleaning, laundry shop
parking lot elevator
restaurant bar
indoor swimming pool sauna
fitnes/ health center jacuzzy

Kazanlak's municipality includes the towns of Kazanlak, with a population of 71,073, the town of Shipka and eighteen villages with a population of 24,980.
The Tundra River extends lengthwise across the Kaznaluk valley feeding the Koprinka Dam Lake. The excavated ruins of the ancient Roman town of Sevtopolis, named for the Thracian Czar Sevt II, lies just below the waters of Koprinka. There are approximately 1500 sepulchral hills in the Kazanlak region and nine Thracian tombs in close proximity to the town of Kazanlak. Two of these tombs, uncovered in 1993 at the Ostrusha Hill, are considered important in the archeological community- the Kazanlak Tomb (late fourth to early third century B.C.) and the Shipka Tomb Mausoleum.
     Warm mineral springs near the villages of Ovosthnik, Yagoda and Pavel Banaya in the Kazanlak area, attract national and international tourists to partake of the soothing medicinal waters and enjoy the natural surroundings. These waters are rich in minerals and taste providing the potential investor with opportunities for successful bottling and exporting and an avenue for tourism development.
     While the transitional-continental climate produces an average temperature of 1 degree C. in January, July temperatures average 21 degrees C.

For children No
Group No
Long stay No
Commision for Tour Operator Yes
Commision for Travel Agency Yes

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